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Give, Gain, Grow

Boost Your Business With Powerful Messaging.

Earn positive exposure, new leads, and online views for your company using our easy-to-use fundraising/donation platform. 

3G Networx gets cash to worthy sports clubs and causes while generating online traffic for the sponsoring business. Our platform is straightforward and ready to assist those seeking worthy sponsorship opportunities or fundraising ideas.

Need Sponsorship for Your Team? Take Action with the Tap of a Button

In today’s social media world, clicks on websites and social media are highly desirable. In terms of boosting engagement, online videos are still king. 3G Networx connects your sports team or fundraising group with businesses that will donate funds in exchange for a short message uploaded to our platform. Get access to the fundraising dollars you need at no cost to you.

It’s not always easy asking for sponsorship to support your organization. If you’re feeling burnt out on bottle drives and buying your kids’ raffle tickets, 3G Networx offers an innovative new way to raise funds.

How It Works

Contact us through email

Send 3G Networx a quick and straightforward email.  Tell us about your organization.

Await a Response

If you’re a fundraising group seeking sponsorship, you’ll soon be provided with the best match.

If you’re a business, you’ll be matched with suitable group seeking funds.

Kickstart Your Campaign

At this point, introductions are made. The business and fundraising group will agree on the amount of sponsorship to be given. Each party will commence with a plan for referencing the other online. Fundraisers will create a video as laid out by 3G Networx. The sponsor will determine the best way to capitalize on the extra attention they are about to receive. 3G Networx will create a lead generation/sales page for the sponsoring business. Clicks, emails and sales are counted and progress is easily tracked.

A Better Way to attract sponsorship and raise funds

So what’s in it for those who click to support the cause?

Utilizing the 3G Networx process means you can support sports teams and groups without having to give any money. You are not obligated to buy anything! At the minimum you only have to give an email address, like and follow sponsoring brands on social media to register your support. But ideally, you will buy and  benefit from any special promotions and discounts the sponsoring business decides to offer on products or services in its sales page. The more purchases the more likely the business will continue to provide sponsorship! It’s a win-win for all involved!

For Businesses: Building Brand Awareness!

For Companies looking to build their brand sponsoring a team or group can be an excellent and innovative way to go about it. With the 3G Networx process a business sponsorship can turn into increased online social media presence, lead generation, increased website traffic and possibly increased sales revenue.

Contact 3G Networx and sign up so we can start building your companies brand awareness today!

For Families: So Everyone Can Be Involved!

Kids’ sports and other activies are a big commitment for parents. Your obligations don’t end with paying the registration fees, buying the equipment, getting the kids to all the practices and games, volunteering, managing, refereeing, etc.

No matter what type of sport or activites your children are involved with, there is often an expectation that additional funds be raised. It can be a challenge for many families.

3G Networx offers a solution so that money isn’t the limiting factor in the experience for kids, parents, local sports associations, schools, clubs, churches, etc.

3G Networx supports communities of every size by allowing people to give back in a way that promotes online and local businesses.