The Process

Businesses and Fundraising Groups Connect

  • A business creates a profile on the platform by sending us an email with general business information, a logo, slogans, and an explanation as to who/what they are interested in sponsoring.
  • The platform will connect that business with a compatible fundraising group that has also created a profile. 
  • The selected fundraising group and business will agree upon a donation amount and a timeline to achieve the number of “clicks” and emails desired (Example: $500 for 5000 email addresses collected).
  • The fundraising group will then utilize the platform’s video/advertisement editor to create a video endorsing the business as its sponsor.
  • The edited video is shared with the business partner on the 3G Networx platform.

Video and Campaign Performance

  • Following the business’s approval, both parties can upload and share the advertisement/video with family and friends on social media sites, texts, emails, etc.
  • The campaign’s progress can be monitored on the platform profile (accessible to both the fundraising group and the business).
  • The advertisement video is posted on social media and is ready to share.
  • Viewers click the button and are redirected to the business’s sale page. 
  • A pop-up collects visitors’ email addresses. 
  • The sales page created by the business details a promo offer, product sale, or a free offer. It may also direct viewers to the business’s website.
  • Viewers have NO obligation to buy from the sales page; they simply enter their email for it to count towards the “click for cash” campaign.

Everybody Wins!

  • When the campaign reaches its goal, the fundraising group posts a thank-you video.
  • Money is transferred from the business to the fundraising group.
  • The business now has additional social media opportunities to self-promote the campaign’s success.
  • The business collects all the emails gathered from the campaign to add to its list for future marketing purposes.
  • The business can assess the success of its promotion by referencing the 3G Networx platform. 
  • The business and the fundraising group can connect with additional platform members to repeat the process.

3G Networx supports communities of every size by allowing people to give back in a way that promotes online and local businesses.