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3G Networx is changing the way community groups generate funds and how businesses support local initiatives. Everyone benefits! If you want to learn more about signing up for this exciting new platform, please send us a message and contact us today. We’re building stronger communities one click at a time! 

    The Why:

    3G Networx wants to change the way communities view sponsorship and fundraising! It's time to turn your donation spending into marketing value. Get rewarded for your support with increased online traffic.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    3G Networx is available to answer any questions about our unique fundraising/sponsorship platform. Whether you’re involved in national youth sports or want to generate more awareness about your business in the community, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and partner with others. This is your chance to achieve your goals with minimal effort. Our platform walks you through the steps. 

    Who can request sponsorship?

    Non-profits, community groups and events, children’s sports teams, adult sports leagues, non-governmental organizations, and more can sign up. If your fundraising group has roots in the community, the 3G platform can work for you.

    What are the costs for joining 3G Networx?

    Each case is unique, please inquire today for more information!

    Is adding a video or business funnel page to the platform difficult?

    Not at all. Part of what makes 3G Networx so effective is how simple it is to use. The platform walks you through every step of the process. You don’t have to be a “techie” to create videos, load information, and monitor your campaign’s progress.

    Can I choose who I get to work with?

    Absolutely. If the selection you receive doesn’t work for you for any reason, you are under no obligation to partner with them.

    Do people wishing to help a fund-raising organization have to purchase something from the sponsoring business?

    No. Guests may be presented with an offer to buy something, but they are not obligated to comply.

    Where is 3G Networx based?

    Our home base is outside Calgary in southern Alberta, Canada.

    Why use video to generate interest?

    All statistics point to a video’s effectiveness in improving online engagement. According to research by American marketing agency Insivia, people retain 95% of the information they see and hear in a video. Compare that to the 10% they retain from something they have read online. Simply put, video works!

    How do I sign up?

    Fill out the form on this page, and our team will be in touch with the next steps.