About 3G Networx

Give. Gain. Grow.

As business owners, we appreciate the importance of wanting to be part of the community. An excellent way to do this is by giving back financially to youth sports and other local non-profit endeavours. At 3G Networx, we don’t think good deeds should go unnoticed. Our platform provides added incentives for fundraising groups and sponsors.

As parents, we know how exhausting fundraising for sports can be. Bottle drives, raffles, and product sales are a chore. Let’s face it; the parents usually end up doing most of the work and paying out of pocket to make up the costs. 3G Networx makes it easier to attract willing sponsors to free up your time and reduce expenses.

The Why:

3G Networx wants to change the way communities view sponsorship and fundraising! It’s time to turn your donation spending into marketing value. Get rewarded for your support with increased online traffic.

The How:

Getting Started Is Easy

Business sponsors and fundraising groups are invited to create an online profile using our platform. Fundraising groups will create a short promo video or email detailing who they are and why they need sponsorship. 3G Networx will then connect sponsors to the appropriate fundraising groups based on their criteria.

When groups agree to work together, the fundraising group creates another short promo video encouraging people to click on that company’s online business page as part of their campaign to raise money. In this way, clicks become potential cash for groups in need. Sponsors get more eyes on their business as well as possible business leads.

Valuable Introductions

3G Networx connects fundraising groups with willing sponsors. No more cold calling, door knocking, or awkward exchanges. Everyone wins, and it’s free of charge to sign up.  

Sponsorship for Online Attention

As a business looking to sponsor a team or worthy cause, you always get to decide on the terms. 3G Networx can advise on the type of business funnel that will work best for your desired campaign.

Your Online Presence Will Skyrocket

Your involvement in 3G Networx guarantees video content designed for sharing on websites and social media. Don’t worry; our platform makes uploading your footage incredibly easy.

3G Networx supports communities of every size by allowing people to give back in a way that promotes online and local businesses.